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With the approaching advent of the new decade, there comes a time for reflection. TramaTM, a global provider of trademark registration and brand protection services, has compiled a list of 20 most interesting trademarks in the last 20 years. We certainly hope it will inspire your future brand protection efforts, ensuring that the uniqueness of your brand is well-protected.

#1 Make America great again

Let us start with the soon ex-president of the United States, Mr Donald Trump. Make America great again has become a symbol of his presidential campaign and it is not surprising that in August 2016…

One of the most common mistakes in the registration of a trademark is the lack of distinctive character of the registered mark, which usually leads to the rejection of the application by the Trademark Office.

What does it mean? In order for your trademark to be registered, it must be unique, interesting, imaginative, whether in terms of meaning or individual verbal and/or graphic elements. The trademark must clearly distinguish your products from the goods or services of other people.

Example of a suitable trademark:

For a digital trademark registration service, the name trama is more appropriate than “trademark experts”. The…

Choosing the right goods and services class when applying for a trademark is one of the key factors influencing your success chances.

In order for a brand to obtain a trademark, it must meet 2 basic criteria. It must be unique in relation to pre-existing trademarks and must clearly distinguish your goods and services from those registered by others. Whether a trademark will be registered depends to a large extent on the choice of categories for which the trademark will be used.

Therefore, the correct classification of goods and services within a standardized classification system is extremely important when applying…

Trademarking your brand is easier than you might think if you follow all the rules.

There are several ways in which you can register a trademark. One alternative is using specialised law firms that focus on the protection of intellectual property. Due to their specialisation, you can expect high quality, but also a corresponding price. The second, the most common choice is classic law firms. These are cheaper, but due to the fact that they do not have so much experience with this agenda, their success rate tends to be lower. Another option is to submit the application yourself. …

The number of brands around the world is growing every year, and with that grows the importance of brand protection.

According to an analysis by The Economist, the 10 most valuable brands derive more than 20% of their market value from their brand, not other attributes. With an increasing concentration in this field, the number of conflicts inevitably increases. In CompuMark’s research last year, as many as 85% of large companies reported infringements of one of their trademarks.

Given this information, it is not so surprising that there are globally around 10,000 new registration applications every day. For example, L’Oréal

Intellectual property protection is becoming increasingly important. According to a research by CompuMark, more than 85% of companies have experienced an IP infringement in the last year, 75% of large companies were sued for trademark breaches and 40% were forced to change the name or logo of their products. The same research shows that one of the biggest obstacles in trying to obtain trademark protection is the drawn-out registrability research process, for which companies lack both the appropriate tools and adequate time.

At trama™, we believe that things should be as simple as possible. This is far from reality in…

trama — register your trademark in three simple steps

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